Women & Youth Empowerment


While youth are the future of a nation. Studies by ‘State of Women in Cities Report 2012/13’, have also shown that women are key drivers of economic growth and that wealth in the hands of women leads to much more equitable outcomes in terms of the quality of life of families and communities. Thus, empowering these two groups not only attributes to the improvement of lives, but also allows them to take charge of their lives and contribute to the community.

Our capacity building training and workshop combines the strengthening of abilities of youth and women’s organisations and empowering them to utilise resources available to them in their day to day lives. Our workshops and training programs provide formal education and vocational courses which prepares these two groups with effective leadership and teamwork. Our long-term objective is to empower the youth and women by continuing their education and actively participating in community programs to help them achieve bigger dreams – while at the same time works towards fulfilling the sustainable development goals numbers one through to four. Our capacity building supports entrepreneurship initiatives and community development.

Our facilitators come from a diverse group and include certified NITA registered facilitators, NGOs enablers, social media influencers and influential renowned speakers, who develop, implement, evaluate and motivate participants to transform choices into desired actions and outcomes.

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