International Trade

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Our international biz matching approach is aimed at creating and organising international trade missions, roadshows and one-on-one special missions to a target market. Our unique structure of biz matching enables us to promote our client’s engagement with a specific market at a time when emerging-markets are at a crossroads. We have an extensive network of connections to make your planned business matching worthwhile enabling you to build strong commercial links.

Our close relationship with international chambers of commerce, foreign investment promotional agencies, trade associations and international business groups and councils, places us at a unique position to effectively match, promote, manage and facilitate events for delegations to the international market and vis a vis for incoming delegations. These platforms conform to networking events, product showcases, trade delegations, special missions and business matching.

Let us facilitate your request and offer you a deliverable plan with milestones and pre-agreed objectives. The pre-agreed objectives will range from finding relevant trade partners, creating partnership agreements, facilitating joint ventures and even introducing SMEs to the international and foreign markets.

In a world where lifestyles, economies and technologies constantly evolve, we represent our clients and partners with innovative solutions and strategies in a simplified form. Our evaluation modal accords each client the opportunity for a one-on-one platform with follow ups after deals and partnerships have been made.

Our international business matching and trade:

  • Develops the agenda and identifies relevant market sectors
  • Prepares and presents a market overview and introduction
  • Provides a market and pre-visit briefing for the delegation
  • Sources relevant speakers
  • Creates event-related promotional materials i.e. invitations, email shots
  • Promotes the business matching throughout our networks and the media
  • Manages event logistics on the day i.e. room set-up, catering etc.
  • Conducts one-on-one meetings with the target interested in a particular delegate’s profile, products or services
  • Coordinates and manages the business matching schedule for the delegation for the period of the visit
  • Produces a post event report outlining activities conducted and shares the database of contacts that attended or showed interest in the event or business matching

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